FAQs regarding CPS Admission 2022

FAQs regarding CPS Admission | Admission Guidance & Enrollment CPS, Admissions

FAQs regarding CPS Admission 2022

CPS Counselling Summary 2022

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Q1. What is College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS)?

College of physician and surgeons (CPS) or CPS Mumbai established in 1913, is an autonomous body imparting post graduate medical education and offers 10 fellowship, 39 diploma and 2 certificate courses.

Q2. Is CPS courses Recognised by MCI ?

These courses were derecognised in 2009 (Gazette notification: Of these, numbers 1, 2 and 3 were granted recognition in October 2017 (Gazette notification: and numbers 4 to 10 were granted recognition in January 2018 (Gazette notification:

Q3. Where Can I work after completing CPS ?

After completing CPS Diploma course candidate can work anywhere in India, There will be only restrictions that Candidate can not use CPS qualification for teaching purpose.

Q4. Where CPS colleges are located ?

More than 125 accredited medical institutions including Govt. Medical Colleges, Corporation Medical Institutions, medical Colleges under Deemed Universities recognized by UGC, Private Medical Colleges are inspected, approved and affiliated to CPS for training post graduate specialists (Fellowships/Diplomas) in the state of Maharashtra.
More than 20 institutions on similar grounds have been affiliated to CPS from Gujarat to conduct CPS PG training programs.
Similarly around 30 hospitals in Chattisgarh ,Rajsthan,Orrisa and Daman -DIU Hospitals are Affiliated.

Q5. Procedure of Enrollment ?

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Q6. Can we do DNB after FCPS?

FCPS is now recognized all over India as per IMC 1956 act making it at par with MS /MD. It being a 3 year course with a thesis component , and as it is recognised as per IMC 1956 act, one can give DNB final exam directly. Also one can give directly NEETSS entrance for superspeciality DM/MCh/DNB SS courses. Vide recognition as per MCI egazette site.

Q7. Can we do secondary DNB after CPS?

As of now, the Diploma in Child Health (DCH) of the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) of Mumbai is recognized under MCI, along with two other, i.e. Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynecology and Dip. in Path.& Bact.
Now regarding admission to DNB PDCET, (Provided you are asking that and means that by Secondary DNB). After passing the PG diploma (recognized by MCI) with required percentage, you will be able to appear for the DNB PDCET examination and become eligible for admission.

Q8. All courses of CPS are recognised by MCI / NMC ?

No, 3 Diploma course DPB,DCH & DPB are recognisd by MCI OR NMC and 6 degree courses FCPS Mediicne, Surgery, Opthal, Dermatology, MID & Gyne, Pathology are recognised by MCI / NMC.. Except all courses are recognised by 5 states Namely Maharashtra , Gujarat , Rajasthan , Chattisgarh & Odissa . Recently Madhya Pradesh have Recognised Some Courses.

Q9. CPS Courses recognition status in UTTAR PRADESH ?

IN Uttar pradesh (UP) total 9 courses are recognised till date means January 2022. In future if UP health department approved all courses then its a different scenario but until January 2022 there are 9 courses are recognised.

Q10 .I am from Haryana and I wish to do FCPS MEDICINE, so can I practise in Haryana or in Bihar ?

Yes, FCPS Medicine, surgery, patho, gynec, skin and opthal are mci recognised courses. So in all over india you can do govt job as well as pvt practise and its at par with all MD / MS degree.

Q11. What is the stipend during the Courses ?

The student should be paid a minimum stipend of Rs. 15,000/- per month for first year and a minimum stipend of Rs. 20,000/- per month for the second year and third year with bachelor accommodation housed within the hospital premises or nearby so as to reach and attend emergency at the earliest. The student has to pay Rs. 5,000/- per month to the institution for the accommodation.

Q12. Is there any lecture Series in Cps Also ?

All students of Diploma / FCPS have to attend two lecture series scheduled by CPS in person/online. Minimum of 80% attendance for both the lecture series is mandatory. ln case, any candidate has to attend extra lectures to complete their attendance quota, he/she will have to pay additional fees for such lecture(s) at the rate of Rs.150/- per lecture. However, the lecture series must be completed prior to examination.

Q13. Whats The Full procedure of Admission In CPS Courses?

Selection shall be strictly based on PG NEET 2021 score.
Candidate wishes to join any of the CPS course is required to pay online non-refundable amount of Rs. 50,200/- (for Diploma) and
Rs. 60,200/- (for FCPS), which shall be adjusted against enrollment fees. In addition the candidate is required to pay non-refundable amount of Rs. 75000 towards cost of Electronic Paperless Devise (EPD).
EPD contains study material, shall record daily attendance and shall be used for 360 degree monitoring of academic activity of CPS students, with the help of data collected and uploaded by EPD on CPS server.
After the payment of non-refundable amount to CPS, the candidate shall be able to download the letter of allotment.
Along with the allotment letter, receipt of paid up amount, original documents and requisite institutional fees by DD) ,student shall report to selected institution.
Once the candidate joins the allotted institution and starts working, the institution shall issue a “Post Holding Certificate” mentioning date of joining.
Candidate shall visit CPS office in person along with “Appointment Letter” and “Post Holding Certificate” received from institute to complete the enrollment procedure.

Q14. What is the Procedure of enrollment ?

After obtaining the post holding certificate, appointment order after completing the joining formalities at the selected institution.Student have to again Visit CPS office for Enrollment :-
Online enrollment forms will be made available by CPS at the end of admission process and as per the schedule declared by CPS for enrollment process. Joined candidates shall fill online enrollment form available through their login and upload the requisite documents.
Joined candidate shall temporarily take back the original documents deposited with the institutes for verification by CPS during enrollment. Joined candidate shall personally visit the CPS office for verification of documents after filling online enrollment form. Candidate must bring following documents for verification.
1. Original Post holding certificate.
2. Original Appointment order.
3. Original and two sets of self-attested photocopies of following documents’
i. MBBS or equivalent qualification passing certificate, (recognized by MCI)
ii. internship completion certificate (University and college),
iii. permanent registration certificate of MMC / State Medical Council where the candidate has joined
iv. Any other certificate to prove the eligibility such as result of screening test for foreign graduates etc.
v. identity proof viz. State Medical Council lD card / Passport / Adhaar card / Election lD card.
vi. a) Caste certificate, if applicable.
b) Validity certificate, by appropriate authority.
c) Valid Non creamy layer certificate, if applicable.
vii. Receipt of the enrollment fees / DD of enrollment fee, if not paid.
After verification of the original documents at CPS office, candidate shall deposit all the documents back to the institution. The original documents shall be returned to the candidate, after successful completion of the enrolled course.
The candidates will be conferred the degree/diploma in the name in which the candidate has enrolled for the sald course, after he/she has successfully passed both, theory and practical examinations simultaneously.

Q15. Rules of enrollment for FCPS, post CPS Diploma candidates. ?

Any candidate who has passed CPS Diploma examination and is desirous of enrolling for Fellowship in the respective subject can be enrolled for FCPS in the subject on the basis of his/her NEET score of the same academic year. The four posts done during the Diploma course shall be taken into consideration for the Fellowship. The fees for enrollment of FCPS will be charged separately.

Q16. Examination Rules for DMRE & DPM ?

A candidate enrolled for DMRE/DPM will be permitted to appear at DMRE-l/DPM I for theory and practical examination after completing two stipendiary resident posts each of six months duration (after one year) in CPS recognized institution
After completion of four stipendiary resident posts each of six months duration in CPS recognized institution and after passing DMRE-l/DPM-l theory and practical examination simultaneously, the candidate can appear for DMRE-ll/DPM-ll theory & practical examination simultaneously,
The candidate will be declared successful in DMRE/DPM only after passing Part-ll theory and practical examinations simultaneously.

Q17. What is the Examination fees of All Branch. ?

Theory & Practical Examination fees:
– 15,200.00
DPH/ DPB – 20,200.00
DPM & DMRE (Part I & Part ll each) – 15,200.00
All FCPS except FCPS (Patho) – 20,200.00
FCPS (Patho) – 22,200.00
MCPS – 10,200.00

Q18. What is the curriculum / syllabus of courses ?

It is exactly same, as syllabus of other university’s DGO ,DCH,DPB and Any Diploam or Fellowship Courses in any state of India. Examiners come from other Private /Govt medical colleges of Mumbai, they maintain same level of exam.

Q19. What is DHS ?

DHS is District Health Services, these are some Diploma seats (under CPS), which are running in Civil Hospitals of Maharashtra. For these seats, Only Maharashtra govt Medical Officers can apply, these seats having lower academic fee. These seats are bonded seats, means if MO is selected for this seat, he has to sign a compulsory service bond of min 3 yrs.

Q20. CPS seats having any Compulsory Service Bond ?

MCI recognized CPS seats are all bond free
State medical council recognized CPS seats the status is below given
Maharashtra state having two kind of seats, DHS seats are all bonded seats, Normal CPS seats are having no bond in Maharashtra.
Rajasthan, CPS seats are all bonded, 3 yrs bond.
Chattisgarh and Odisha also having all seats Bonded.
Gujarat CPS seats are not bonded at present.

Q20. What difference between Merit Quota and Institution Quota ?

Mainly difference is fee, nothing else.
For Diploma, Institutional Quota seat fee is double then Merit Quota seat.
For FCPS, Institutional Quota seat fee is triple then Merit Quota seat.
Both Quota counselling process is same, joining and enrollment procedure same, stipend same, no other difference.
It means institutional quota seats are significantly costlier, so its cut off is lower.

FAQs regarding CPS Admission FAQs regarding CPS Admission FAQs regarding CPS Admission FAQs regarding CPS Admission FAQs regarding CPS Admission FAQs regarding CPS Admission FAQs regarding CPS Admission FAQs regarding CPS Admission

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