Review of DNB Hospital : Sarvodaya Hospital , Faridabad

Review of DNB Hospital : Sarvodaya Hospital , Faridabad for Paediatrics

Stipend : 63990 in hand..

Starting Year :Last year started

Consultant : 2 primary + 2 secondary

This year probably 1+1

Pros of Sarvodaya Hospital

Total hands on all procedures

Emergency Duities :Will be first person to see patient in emergency

HoD- very cool

Patient Load :Very good patient load

Exposure :good variety of cases

Duty Hours : Duty hours are good.

Corporate hospital- have every investigation/ treatment/drug of

Have regular inter departmental academics

Regular CME within hospital department Good bedside discussion

Cons of Sarvodaya Hospital

Academics few classes and it’s on your interest

Accommodation : No Accomodation

Less consultants.

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